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Aggregate Heating

When harsh winter conditions affect batching plants productivity, Ione has the right answer to the problem with SIMUN series hot air generator.

Traditionally, producers have employed live steam directly injected inside the aggregate bins, but, due to the drawbacks of live steam injection method, hot air generators have replaced steam boilers. Forced hot air blown into the aggregate bins allows producers to defrost and raise the aggregate temperature.

Main features

  • Indirect-fired heat exchanger ensures clean hot air. No flue gases inside the bins.
  • No water leakage under the bins and conveyor belt. No risk of frost formation and consequent clogging.
  • No rust in the aggregate bins.
  • No added moisture in the aggregates.
  • Easy to retrofit on existing batching plants.
  • Possibility of temperature control inside the bins with automatic dampers operated via temperature probes and thermoregulation system.
  • Even available in containerized package ready for plug-play.


Beyond the arctic circle

Our hot air generators perform well even at the toughest latitudes.

With the cooperation of Korrus, our solely partner for the Russian market, we have commissioned a hot air generator beyond the arctic circle (Sabetta Yamalo-Nenetskiy).