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Low Pressure Steam Boilers

Low pressure steam is one of the most spread fluids used for accelerated curing processes for concrete. From a practical point of view the manufactured products are loaded in curing chambers or tunnels or fresh concrete is poured in moulds, which need to be covered with suitable tarpaulins to retain steam and ensure an ideal curing atmosphere.

Direct steam injection (live steam) ensures both temperature increase and addition of moisture. These combined effects promote the attainment of high strength values in short times.

An alternative to the use of live steam is represented by the use of radiant batteries for closed heating systems with steam and condensate recovery.

For both solutions, low pressure steam is the thermal fluid that exhibits the highest latent heat. This, together with the fact that curing process doesn't ask for particularly high temperatures, make low pressure steam very effective and suitable for this specific application.

Ione manufactures low pressure steam boilers even available in mobile arrangement and containerised package.


For working pressure below 0.5 bar European Standard 97/23 CE (P.E.D.) has not to be taken into account.